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Most people will never take control of an aircraft themselves, cadets at 451 do just that on their first flight, flying will never just be about going on holiday anymore. As the pilot takes off and lands he will be piloting the aircraft and talking you through the controls, in the time in between taking off and landing, it’s you turn to take control.

At every opportunity we’ll aim to get you airborne, whether in a light aircraft, a glider or on-board on of the RAF’s aircraft, the Air Cadets provides you with these once in a lifetime opportunities.


You’ll be given the opportunity as a cadet to take part in Air Experience Flying (AEF), provided by University of Birmingham Air Squadron at RAF Cosford, we fly in Tutor T1 aircraft. You can at a later stage go for a Flying Scholarship with the RAF if you show real apptitude.


Once you have been taught the first class syllabus and passed the exams you will be able to take part in a Gliding Induction Course (GIC) to learn the basics of gliding. With each visit you’ll learn the next level of GIC which will lead up to learning about aerodynamics and controlling the aircraft, first in a classrom, then taking control and practicing what you’ve learned in the air. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll be awarded a GIC certificate.

Once a cadet has completed all 3 GIC’s they can apply to attend a Gliding Scholarship which will provide a greater level of training as well as possibly allow the cadet to fly solo.

Further flying schemes

The Air Cadet Pilot Scheme

Genuinely interested in a high-flying career? Why not aim for one of nearly 140 light aircraft courses available to Air Cadets each year at Tayside Aviation in Dundee? A further 27 places are available at the Air Experience Flights (AEF) embedded with the RAF’s University Air Squadrons across the UK.

To apply you’ll first have to complete your non-solo flying course and win your blue wings or, preferably, have achieved a gliding solo and gained your silver wings.

Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme

Want to wear the coveted pilot navigation badge? You could be one of up to 30 cadets that win a place each year on the Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme - run at Air Experience Flights.

“Flying was a great experience, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the controls and hope to be flying high again soon.”

Cpl Rutherford