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So your child has showed an interest in joining the Air Cadets. Many parents are apprehensive about their child joining the organisation and the activities which they will undertake.

All of the staff which look after your child do so after going through training and certification in the activities, which will hopefully reassure you. We will also train your son/daughter to the highest standard before they undertake any of the activities.

When your child leaves the organisation in the future we hope they will do so a much more confident team player, who is outgoing, with a variety of skills and qualifications which in comparison to their peers will make them shine to prospective teachers and employees.

You will have hopefully toured the Squadron website to find about what your son/daughter could gain from their time in the ATC, if you have any concerns about any of the activities or any questions about whether your child can join please do contact us using the details on the contact page.

Civilian committee

The Squadron relies on fundraising to keep certain aspects maintained, such as the minibuses which transport the cadets. These fundraising activities are organised by the Squadron civilian committee, with positions of chairperson, treasurer, secretary all held by cadets parents. You are actively encouraged to join the committee which meets once a month, during a normal Squadron night. The fundraising efforts undertaken by the committee in the past have included: the annual Squadron dinner (always a great formal night), bag packing, Squadron soldier racing and bowling (fantastic social events). Ask your son/daughter to listen on parade for details of the next committee meeting, and if you have any other family members who would like to join the committee, we welcome anyone with an interest in the Squadron to do so.

Got more time to spare

If you have looked through the website, in envy of your child due to the fantastic opportunities available to them, don’t despair, you too can be part of the Squadron through one of our adult volunteer positions. Take a look at the site and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you onto the Squadron as a staff member.


“Joining the Civilian Committee about 8 years ago and being Chairperson for the last year has enabled me to learn more about the Cadets, giving me valuable insight to see what amazing life skills can be learned by being a Cadet. Giving up just one evening a month is nothing compared to what Cadets has given to my children. The Committee plays a vital fundraising role in providing equipment and exciting opportunities for the Cadets. I have also gained new skills in leadership myself and enjoy being part of such a worthwhile organisation, shaping future generations, which I believe is truly worth investing in.

Mrs T. Bayliss